Sound | Installation | To Move is to Hear (2020-ongoing)

To Move is to Hear (Through Your Foot Which is Your Stomach)
(2020- ongoing)

website residency 2020 May-June




Initiated by Kyrin Chen, To Move Is To Hear is an ongoing web residency project experimenting with the improvised moments of togetherness through sound, movement and animation. 

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The first residency took place during
May - June 2020.

Sound Artist- Kyrin Chen

Movement Artist - Nikhil Vyas

Animator - Sayaka Hara

Responding to Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s writing “To Dream as You” (2019), I created three pieces of improvised sound works, focusing on using sonic texture as a tangible quality that implies spatial movement and tactile sensation.

Responding to sound, performance artist Nikhil Vyas created three short clips of movement, visually outlining the soundscape through choreography.

The choreography informed filmmaker Sayaka Hara’s creation of animation. The animation was created while sonic element being absent.

To access sound, audience needs to hold down the mouse button. The videos can only be watched through a filter covering most part of the video window except a small hole in the middle. Audience cannot choose which video or sound clips they engage with.

As a result, each element is interconnected yet partially absent during this cross-medium transformative process. Re-thinking the formation of sensory perceptions, the work evolves through increasing levels of realisation and progressive reification: from words, a purely conceptual form, to sounds, to touch and to vision, constructing life from the very basic form of the senses. The process gives life to the text in this way- literally ‘animating’ it.