1. Performance
2. Installation
3. Composition
4. Film
5. User Experience



1. Digital Illustration
2. Print-making / Books

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Kyrin Chen lives and works in London. 

Informed by their interdisciplinary theoretical framework, Chen’s practice seeks to explore the spatial ‘dialogue’ between body and site through attentive auditory and haptic perception in various media, including interactive games, printmaking, fiction, physical workshops/performances, multi-media installation and beyond.

Chen’s works interrogates the tension between supposed dichotomies, exploring the spaces between belonging and dislocation, intimacy and alienation.

In the course of searching for alternative modes of communication, Chen isolates and recontextualize familiar sounds, creating new meanings through reconstruction and recomposition, experimenting with the sonic materiality of everyday objects. Responding to architectural spaces, Chen uses small objects to create quiet, delicately textured sounds. A sense of fragility is further expressed through their drawings and etchings.



Chen is also interested in collective practice in which the participants co-create the works.

Chen is the co-founder of interdisciplinary sound artist-researchers collective Subtle Intervention. Coming from diverse non-music backgrounds, the collective focuses on social intimacy through non-verbal communication, merging sonic expression and artistic activism in a community-oriented way. Their upcoming workshop-based performance Tinnitus (2020) will address disability, specifically hearing loss through exploring diverse forms of listening.

Chen is a member of free-improvisation quartet Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson. Their improvisational practice is focused on developing a system of gestures for interacting with the physical properties of objects in order to build conversations with other improvisers/artists through sound with heightened listening sensitivity.