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Sound | Performance | Free Improvisation Performances

Photo credits: Fabio Lugaro, Tim Boddy

Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson Quartet is a free-improvisation group exploring the possibilities of group-body and in-betweenness through voice, feedback systems, material tension and present moment awareness. By allowing ‘silence’ to be one of the essential elements that each group member can bring to the real-time composition, each moment rests within expectation and absence, emergence and impermanence.

Being a part of Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson Quartet has allowed Chen to develop a heightened listening sensitivity. Through collective performances, a system of gestures interacting with the physical properties of objects was developed in order to respond and create conversations with other improvisers.


Sound & Cinema: Past, Present & Future

2020/01/22 //
[ Unknown Devices ]
@Upper Gallery, London College of Communication 

NON DUAL presents:
Asia Acoustic Ecology 

2019/10/18 //
[ NON DUAL collective ] @Hundred Years Gallery

Introspective Sonics | Side B

2019/07/22 //
[ Kyrin Chen, Doran Edwards, Yifeat Ziv, Joseph Johnson ] @I K L E C T I K 

Change: Performances #1

 2019/06/09 //
 [ Kyrin Chen, Doran Edwards, Yifeat Ziv, Joseph Johnson ] @Hundred Years Gallery  

Flutter Echo Festival:
David Toop at 70

2019/05/06 //
[ "Unknown Devices" (David Toop, Kyrin Chen, Doran Edwards, Yifeat Ziv, Joseph Johnson)]
[ Kyrin Chen, Yifeat Ziv, Daniela Cascella ]
@Cafe OTO

Gallery 46: 
LCC Sound arts Group show

2019/04/27 //
[ Kyrin Chen, Doran Edwards, Yifeat Ziv, Joseph Johnson ]
@Gallery 46