Sound | Installation | So What Happened the Other Day (2020)

So What Happened the Other Day (2020)

video game based-installation, stereo sound 


A: <<robotic> movin' equals double-you, ei, es, di: . > B: (0.5) am i the player who plays the fictional character? A: <<sitting down> now your eyes’ re reading THIS dialogue.> B: OR:::: the player who IS having a conversation with you?
A: now you listen, you listen very carefully till you ’re inside of ’em.
B: til i no longer feeling lost.

//About the project 

So What Happened The Other Day (2020) is a 20-25 minute interactive virtual spatial experience using sound to explore the permeability of acoustic environments, and its relationship with the sonic presence of the moving body.

The game reduced the visual representation which allowed
the player to navigate and walk through the landscape with more attentive listening. An interactive script was developed as the side narrative of the game, informed by my research into Chinese medicine, body philosophy, and food culture.

Delving into the field of conversation analysis and interactional linguistics, the text also explored the sonic aspect of written language and how text could convey emotional expressions through colloquial vocabularies, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and the spaces between words.

//About the demo

The physical installation highlights non-linearity through the language of games.

As a result, it is worth noticing that the demo was made only as a reference for the online showcase rather than the piece itself.

 ︎ Link to download:

//About the artbook

A collection of sketches and notes were made as creative guidance and critical reflections alongside the project.

︎Link to access (digital)

Physical copy will be open for purchase in Oct, 2020


Kyrin Chen (Director, Sound artist, Writer)

Vin Fu (Game developer)

Lai I Hsuan (Animator)