Sound | Composition | Islands (2018)

Islands (2018)

soundscape composition, text 
duration: 5’31’’


You were late for almost 1 and a half hour. I almost
decided to do it by myself. After I started walking, I ignored
you for a while, until the first crossing...i think?… i think i
almost got hit by a car and you stopped me.

You were like a step or two on to the road. i didn't even
realise you were ignoring me, i thought you were just being
very professional : /

Looks like the first crossing was a reminder for me to get
more involved haha. I thought the driver was gonna stop and
wait for me to cross the street but he didn’t. :(

I guess london drivers are trash like that. it made me worried
about what to come that you were nearly hit in the first few
minutes lol.

I decided to only cross the street
when the traffic light turn green at
the exact moment when i was
passing the crossing point.

Were you walking across the road
when the lights were yellow? i was
kinda just following you around.

I always hesitate. Sorry about
forcing you running across the street.

There was a few times where i was
genuinely unsure of what you were
doing and didn't bother following you
until i thought it was safe.

Btw- I think you were in love with the
woman who wore loud high heel shoes and
walked with us for 5 mins on the other side
of the small road.

I was :-) we both wore boots. You were
much quieter. Our rhythm stayed in synch
for a while. It was really intimate.

I hold my breath when we move from
one island to the other.
I wish I can close my eyes tho.

i guess you can't see anything underwater.
it almost seemed like you were focussed
when we were off the islands, i guess you
had a goal.

We zig-zagged for
a while then the road
gets bigger when we
were close to old

They were side roads i guess.
the islands only became dangerous when
the roads were huge nearer the thames.
there was a few moments when we were
basically drowning and it felt very

When we were in Bank?


I was still very lost
even though I was standing on the safe point.

It was very overwhelmed.
We were constantly escaping from everything.
I feel the same anxiety even
when we were on the islands.
There’s nothing to hide though.
It makes me feel thirty.

You mean the anxiety?

Yeah, anxiety was a part of it. But it’s more like…

being enveloped in a dessert.


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